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Beeryz 10 year idol uniforms at the HP Akihabara shop 8/28/14

These are for Otona na no Yo.

Fixed! thanks, probably had the other song stuck in my head when it was playing at the shop!

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Morning Musume’s Eripon has a new digest DVD out: “It’s a lovely day”, on pre-order now till 9/17/14. They are ¥4326 with commission/internal shipping.

e-lineup! link:

Promotional Video:

essage me on my business page or email for more details:

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Haruka and Mizuki’s Lilium uniforms at the Hello Project shop in Akihabara 8/28/14

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Beeryz Otono na no yo uniforms at the HP Akihabara shop 8/28/14

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Cheki with C-ute for The Power single. NEKOMIMIMODE DESUUUU.

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No Kannon…Takechan is already your subby you don’t need another one…

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Waiting outside Aiia theater in Shibuya for the next Sailor Moon musical to start. Ahhhhhhhhh let in already!

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Kelsey Parnigoni, the leader of the Idol Group “Hajirai Rescue” has a gravure DVD coming out on 9/26. Help support an up and coming idol group lead by a Canadian girl!

Title and cover image pending

Link to 7netshop:

Hajirai Rescue Main Page:

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Juice=Juice Black Butterfly signed poster at HP Akihabara shop 8/7/14

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Lilium outfits at the HP Akihabara shop. 8/7/14