Posted 5 days ago

Morning Musume Password is 0 boxsets from:

Posted 1 week ago

Cheki today with C-ute for love take it all. They were so frumpy at 10am!!!

And Airi looks high as usual.

Posted 1 week ago

S/mileage’s next single Mystery Night’s boxsets go on sale tomorrow, 4/11/14 Japan time, at 5pm. They are 8446Y with tax/commission and are free internal shipping/cod. Payment is due via paypal immediately upon requesting to buy one. Cheki event if you are coming to Japan:

Message me at my business page if interested:

dit: Tokyo drawing board event tickets sold out almost instantly.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Chekis today with some members of Berryz. Miyabi and Saki kept grabbing my hands I was afraid the staff would be angry but they didn’t do anything. (They just looked really nervous)

Momoko had wayyyy to much energy for 9am as usual.

Posted 4 weeks ago

This grouping couldn’t have been a better match for us.

*stares into Kudos eyes for 10 seconds*

Too bad we cant touch my hearts are exploded….

Posted 1 month ago

Juice=Juice 3rd single boxsets from Ponycanyon.

Posted 1 month ago

C-ute’s 24th single boxsets & all versions of cds/dvds

Posted 1 month ago

Baby Metal goods from Budokan 3/1/14.  New Albums, Vinyl LPs, Lots of T-shirts, towels, flags, wristbands and gloves.

Posted 1 month ago

Baby Metal at Budokan 3/1/14. The line for goods had thousands of people in it.

Posted 1 month ago

Ai Shinozaki photoshoot in Young Animal manga magazine & 71 minute dvd.